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California - The Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills was named for the CSS Alabama, a Confederate warship deployed during the American Civil War. It is known for its eerie-looking landscape with stunning rock formations, including natural arches, hidden coves, and eroded hills. Sitting at the eastern foothills of Sierra Nevada, Alabama Hills provides unique scenery having lofty, jagged, and beautiful peaks in a background, with Mt. Whitney being the tallest mountain in the 48 coterminous U.S. states reaching an elevation of 14,495 ft above the sea level followed by shorter but equally awe-inspiring mountains such as Mt. Williamson, Mt. Langley, and Mt Lone Pine. The Alabama Hills brings filmmakers, photographers, hikers, rock climbers, and sightseers from all over the world, providing plenty of unique spots to explore. The easiest way to scout the place is to drive along a trendy road, the Movie Flat Road that offers easy access to many famous rocks and natural arches in the area, including Boot, Cyclop, Heart, and Mobius arch. The drive itself is fascinating; being surrounded by incredible boulders of different shapes and sizes and the mountains in the distance makes you realize that there is an entirely different world out there worth every minute to explore.

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